Letter from the Reunion Chairs

Dear Classmates,

In 1985 we walked through the gates of Harvard Yard—excited about what lay ahead and wondering how we would find our way. We expected to learn, but we experienced so much more: friends and lovers, passions and frustrations, discoveries and disappointments. Through those four years the diversity of talent, interests, ethnicities, and backgrounds created an exciting environment where we learned, experimented, and became the early versions of the adults we are today.

Many of us recall seeing alumni from the Twenty-fifth Reunion Class return to campus during Commencement. They looked so old, and 25 years seemed so far away! Now, with this same time behind us, we know for certain: they were not that old—and maybe just in the prime of their lives.

At our Twenty-fifth we have the unique opportunity to reflect upon who we have become as individuals while revisiting the campus and delving into the intellectual content that convinced us to choose Harvard in the first place. We have had much success, but we’ve also endured challenging times and faced the kinds of adversity that come with growing older. Imagine a map of all our life paths so far—winding and twisting, exploring all parts of the Earth, intersecting in unexpected ways, diverging into surprising roles, relationships, and avocations.

Our goal is to create a Twenty-fifth Reunion that celebrates these paths and all of the complexity, wonder, and challenge that goes with them.

Over the last year we have been privileged to work with a large committee of dedicated classmates (almost 200!) and the outstanding professionals at the Harvard Alumni Association. They have poured their energy and creativity into designing a week that will delight and inspire you whether you are planning to attend solo, with guests, or with your family. We hope that you are as enthusiastic as we are about returning to Harvard to participate in this unique, once-in-a-lifetime Twenty-fifth Reunion!

Welcome back!


Jeffrey Behrens, Carolyn Magnani, and Lori Rutter