From the Crimson to the Crimson Key, football to foosball we’d love to see clubs, groups, and teams reconnect at the 25th. We can provide space, publicity and potentially snacks/drinks to help facilitate a gathering. But we need your leadership to step it up and make it happen. If you are interested in helping organize a gathering or mini-reunion email Some of the mini-reunions include:

Harvard Advocate
Harvard AIDS Education and Outreach (AEO)
Harvard Band
Collegium Musicum
The Crimson
Harvard Din & Tonics
HRDC (H/R Dramatic Club)
Harvard Football
FOP – Freshman outdoor program
Harvard Glee Club
Harvard Square Homeless Shelter volunteers
Harvard Krokodiloes
Harvard University Choir
Radcliffe Choral Society
Radcliffe Crew
Radcliffe Pitches
Religion Concentrators
Room 13
Science fiction club
Signet Society
Committee on the Study of Religion concentrators

Harvard Advocate

All ‘89ers who contributed to the Advocate or served on its editorial staff are invited to attend a mini-reunion at the Advocate building, 21 South Street, from 6-7 pm on Friday, May 30. Hosted by Dan (Buchanan) McKanan ( , Caleb Crain ( and John Plotz (

Harvard AIDS Education and Outreach (AEO)  - Friday 5:30 PM -  Science Center 110

We will host an informal get-together of AEO with members of the class of 1989. We look forward to catching up with as many of you as can make it. Feel free to bring your kids or significant others. Organizers Clara Lee and Kevin Volpp:

The Crimson – Sunday @ 11AM @ The Crimson, 14 Plympton Street

Harvard Football - Reception  Thursday, May 29th 7:00 – 10:00pm @ Murr Lounge, Murr Center – 3rd Floor

BBQ Buffet Dinner and Bar, Family and Friends Welcome. Please RSVP by Thu, May 14th to:

Harvard Football - Facilities Tour Friday, May 30th 10:00 – 11:00am @ Dillon Lounge, Dillon Field House – 2nd Floor

Family and Friends Welcome. Hosted by: Coach Joel Lamb. Asst. Head Coach & Offensive Coordinator.

FOP – Freshman Outdoor Program – Sunday 9-10:30 @ The tent outside of Lionel in Harvard Yard

Were you a stud muffin or a pump-your-own-gas kinda gal?  However little you may remember of those days, if you went backpacking, canoeing, or camping with the Freshman Outdoor Program – or wish you had – please join us from 9:00-10:30 on Sunday morning in the tent outside of Lionel in the Harvard Yard. This will be very casual and children are invited. We’ll have a chance to play hacky sac, gorge on GORP, and meet current FOP leaders. RSVP to Sarah at or 510-517-6135 or
Even if you can’t respond, please stop by to say hello. You are welcome to come as-you-are – unshaven, in sweats, bed-head – it’s all good.
Big group hugs, the Current FOP Steering Committee & those of us from the Class of ’89:
Susan Bagnoli Truman, David Conant, James Cook, Laurie Gardner, Nicole Parisier Bernadete, Sarah Pearson, Evan Seevak, Ginny Stimpson Vatcher, Ted Stimpson ,Laval Miller-Wilson

Harvard Square Homeless Shelter -  Friday @ 10:45-11:45 am - University Lutheran, 66 Winthrop Street

All ‘89ers who volunteered at the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter at University Lutheran Church are invited to attend a mini-reunion at University Lutheran, 66 Winthrop Street, from 10:45-11:45 am on Friday, May 30. A few current volunteers will be present to tell us about the shelter’s current work. Hosted by Dan (Buchanan) McKanan (

Radcliffe Crew -Sunday 11AM @ Weld Boathouse (corner of JFK ST. and Memorial Drive) -  Contact: Kris Doherty

Religion Concentrators – Friday @ 1:30-2:30 pm. @ Finnegan Room, Barker Center #403, 12 Quincy Avenue. Contact is DanMcKanan -

All class of ’89 religion concentrators, plus any classmates who are currently working as religious professionals (e.g. clergy, chaplains, seminary professors, meditation teachers) are invited to attend a mini-reunion +from 1:30-2:30 pm on +Friday, May 30. We will gathering in the current office space of the Committee on the Study of Religion: Finnegan Room, Barker Center #403, 12 Quincy Avenue. (Back in our day, the Barker Center was the Freshman Union; now it is the fantastic hub of the humanities at Harvard.) See you there! Hosted by Dan (Buchanan) McKanan and Martha Moore-Keish.

The Signet Society - Saturday 3-5pm.

The Signet Society will be holding a mini-re-union at the Signet House on Saturday, May 31st between 3 and 5pm. This is open to all re-union classes, but we hope for an especially good turnout from the class of ’89 for our 25th.

Additionally, there will be a reception at the Signet House on Thursday, 29th May from 4-6pm. This is primarily for the graduating class of ’14 and their families, but all ’89ers are welcome at that, too.

For any other details, contact me, Richard Howells, Signet President 1988-89 at I’m London-based but will be in 02138 for the re-union and really looking forward to seeing everyone again.

WHRB Alumni Reception - Saturday 3-4pm

Reception for 25th reunion alumni of WHRB at WHRB’s studios, basement of Pennypacker Hall, 389 Harvard Street, a block beyond the Barker Center(old Union). Take cement ramp between brick buildings (Hurlbut and Pennypacker) on Harvard Street. Refreshments; group photo at 3:30. More information: (617) 495-WHRB (or, at any Harvard phone, 5-WHRB). Feel free to stay longer.