Come back to Cambridge!
May 28-June 1, 2014

Dear Classmates,

Welcome to our Twenty-fifth Reunion! We hope this celebration will provide you with opportunities to renew old friendships, meet new people, and reconnect with the best parts of your Harvard experience.

Our Reunion Program Committee included over 150 people from all over the world. We worked in teams over the last year, both in person and virtually, to plan events and activities that we hope will inspire you, reignite your intellectual curiosity, and create wonderful new memories.

Our committee has planned large, festive celebrations as well as intimate events where we hope you will have time to enjoy informal conversations, like the ones that helped us grow and learn while we were undergraduates.

So much of reunion planning happens behind the scenes— every special event, mini-reunion, pre-reunion gathering, and discussion group has been conceived of and led by members of the committee. We have noted these class leaders in this guide, and we hope that you will seek them out and express your appreciation for their hard work.

A special thank you to Michele Blanc and Shealan Anderson of the Harvard Alumni Association for their creativity, patience, and good humor throughout this process. They have taken care of every logistical detail associated with reunion— for adults and children— so that we can all enjoy our time together.

We are indebted to our Class Report Co-Chairs, Lisa Hampton and Colleen Lannon, and to Jason Hale, of the HAA, for devoting countless hours to reading, editing, and producing our Twenty-Fifth Reunion Red Book.

The Class of ’89 should also be proud of our Reunion Gift Committee. Thanks to their work and the generosity of our classmates, our class has donated the largest 25th reunion gift in Harvard’s history with classmates participating at every giving level.

On behalf of everyone who has been involved with reunion planning, we thank you for coming back to Cambridge for what promises to be a memorable reunion. We hope you have a wonderful time!

Warm wishes,

Jeff Behrens, Carolyn Magnani, Lori Rutter

Reunion Program Chairs