University/On-Campus Housing – Costs are here

If you thought those conversations into the wee hours of the morning of freshman year were interesting, just wait and see what 29 years of life experience brings to them!  One of the benefits of attending your 25th Reunion is having the opportunity to live once again in and around Harvard Yard.  Imagine revisiting those days with old friends and new. You cannot stay in a dorm without participating in reunion events. If you decide not to take advantage of University housing, you may choose the “no housing” option when you register. Please bear in mind that Harvard’s rooms, while quaint and historic, have relatively modest conveniences (see “Packing”). For example, in some cases, bathrooms may be shared, there is no air conditioning, etc. On the other hand, any disadvantages are no doubt outweighed by the benefits of the central location and limitless opportunities for socializing with classmates. Also, if you are coming solo to the Reunion, you can choose to stay in a dormitory with others who are doing the same.

A hospitality room will be provided for commuters who want to rest, freshen up, or change clothes.

Room Requests

If you would like to be housed in a particular dormitory or if you have classmates with whom you would like to “block” in housing, please let us know when you register, and we will do our very best to accommodate your request.

Sharing a Suite

Keep in mind that it is often challenging to house different families together because of limited space, varying suite and room sizes, and age factors involved in the housing of younger children. Additionally, note that, if you are attending Reunion as a single classmate or as a couple, it may be necessary for you to share a suite with another classmate or couple.

Meanwhile, if you prefer a hotel (the dorms still don’t have AC, and there are some shared baths!) you should book ASAP.  Hotels sell out  quickly for reunion/commencement weekend. Here are a few local hotels:

The Charles Hotel

Sheraton Commander Hotel

Boston Marriott Cambridge

Doubletree Guest Suites Boston

Liberty Hotel