Children’s Program

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*Note: The children’s (and young adult/tenn) program is being finalized but the attached schedule is very close to final
** Also note: babysitting is available until 12:30AM each night!

Children’s Program Liaisons: Sarah Yeates Arnold, Penny Rossano & Adam Schwartz

Camp Harvard starts on Wednesday and concludes Sunday morning. So bring the kids along and drop them off while you party like it’s 1989!

The Children’s program offers a full range of age-appropriate activities for children 18 months to 18 years that will keep them entertained and introduce them to new friends and experiences. Both a full-day program and evening on-campus babysitting are available. This program gets rave reviews every year and creates life-long memories for your kids.


The Children’s Program provides a full range of age-appropriate activities for children of alumni designed to entertain them and introduce them to new friends and experiences. This year, we anticipate that over 700 children and young adults aged 18 months to 18 years will participate. 587

Children are assigned to groups according to their ages: Rainbow (18 months–3 years), Canary (4–5 years), Grape (6–8 years), Red (9–10 years), Blue (11–12 years), Green (13–14 years), and Young Adult (15+ years). Each group will have its own headquarters and scheduled activities, although there will be some all-family gatherings as well. We regret that we cannot provide care for children younger than 18 months. If you have children younger than 18 months and you want to bring them to Reunion, you may bring your nanny or babysitter at no charge for housing or meals. Please contact Shealan Anderson by email at or by phone at 617-496-2724 if you are planning to bring your own sitter.

If your child has a disability or certain medical conditions, accommodations and services can be provided to those who make requests by 5:00 pm, Friday, May 2.

The College Alumni Programs office, in collaboration with University Disability Services, will make every effort to effectively accommodate the needs of alumni, guests, and children. Please see the “Disabilities and Certain Medical Conditions” section on page TK for additional information.

Please be sensitive to your classmates and do not bring children to symposia panel discussions, or the Memorial Service. Unless otherwise expressly noted in the program, we ask that parents not bring children to adult events.

The program for the Rainbow and Canary groups (18 months–5 years) is limited to the first 50 children who are registered. The program includes one-on-one daytime care by qualified counselors as well as an evening sitter for children living on campus during Reunion. If you are not staying on campus during Reunion, you can still register your child for the daytime program for the Rainbow and Canary groups; however, for evening care, you must provide your own babysitter.

Daytime Activities

557Each group has its own headquarters and daytime and evening activities. Please check each group’s schedule carefully, as on Thursday and Friday some groups leave campus at 8:30 AM, and it is not possible to join that group again until it returns at 5:00 PM. While the counselors and directors are well trained and experienced, they need your cooperation to ensure that the programs run safely and smoothly. Please be sure to inform your child’s counselor or group director if your child will be withdrawn from any scheduled activity so that the group does not wait unnecessarily.

Nighttime Care

Children staying on campus in the Rainbow and Canary groups (18 months–5 years) and Grape group (6–8 years) will have assigned night sitters each evening. The sitter will accompany children to their rooms and stay with them until their parents return (but not later than 12:30 AM). The Children’s Program fee includes these babysitting services. Children staying on campus in the Red, Green, Blue, and Young Adult groups (age 9 years and older) will have group supervisors outside their dorms every evening. For children over the age of 6 who are not staying on campus, babysitting service will be available at the night program headquarters until 12:30 am. Nighttime care providers cannot provide services off campus.

Proctored Examinations

Proctored examinations can be administered to any student who would otherwise be unable to attend Reunion. To use this service, please fill out and return the proctored exam form available on the class website ( A description of the program will be sent to the student’s school. On completion, the exams will be returned to the school by registered mail.