Going Solo?

Solos are people coming to the reunion alone – they could be single, divorced, or just leaving the family back home. In any case we want to be sure the reunion is as welcoming for solos as it is for everyone else.

A reunion sub-committee has begun developing some solo-specific programming. One of our first requests is to get a list of other classmates who are 1) planning to attend solo and 2) interested in helping plan a few solo-specific activities.

Some of our ideas in progress (so far) include:
* assembling, pre-reunion, a list or Facebook group of solos and sharing that with each other
* having pre-event, solo-only admission 30-60 minutes before everyone else arrives (or perhaps after the event)
* housing solos together in a dorm in the yard

Lisa Borodkin, Nancy Slotnick, Rebecca Margulies, John Schiavone, Carolyn Magnani, Penny Codrington

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